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Initial Consultation for Chronic Health Complaints

If your primary health complaint has persisted for over 6 months, it is considered a chronic health complaint. In this initial consultation we investigate all your health concerns and the co-factors that accompany them.

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Initial Consultation for Chronic Health Complaints for a Child

If your child has a health complaint that has persisted for more than a few months or your child has been diagnosed with a chronic health problem, both the parent and child, as a couplet, will require an initial consultation.

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Brief Consultation for Urgent Health Complaints (established patients only)

If you are an established patient, a brief phone consult for an urgent health complaint may be required.

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TBI Consultation

If you are suffering from a recent Traumatic Brain Injury or a chronic TBI, you require a special consultation to begin the healing process.

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Opioid Medication Withdrawal Consultation

When you are ready to consider opioid medication withdrawal, we can work with your physician to remove your need for the medication AND support the detox with homeopathic medicine.

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