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Frequently Asked Questions about Homeopathy #5

Can homeopathy help folks with cancer? Yes of course it can. Through the past 30 years I have supported many folks in whatever path they have chosen for meeting the challenge of cancer. This includes but is not restricted to: help with the side effects of conventional treatments, help with surgeries, help with pain, help [...]

Just a Reminder…

Just a reminder that caring for your health in a more natural way also extends to your family pets. And that cleaning up the environment we all live in is essential for a healthy foundation. See: for how the common choices we make in carpets, pesticides and daily cleaning products can make such a [...]

Allergy Care with Homeopathy…Part 4

So what does your diet have to do with your allergies? This is a difficult topic and a topic that Americans are particularly confused about. Do you know there are no food allergies among impoverished peoples in Africa? There are no peanut allergies, no gluten intolerance and no milk allergies etc.  But in this country [...]

Allergy Care with Homeopathy…part 3

The second thing you can do for your allergies is clean up your bedroom. Yes deep cleaning can reduce allergies and asthma by 50%. Why? Because pollens are for the most part invisible and they cling to your ceiling, walls, carpet, bedding, stuffed animals, pillows, and upholstered furniture. Your carpet can be the worst culprit, [...]

Allergy Care with Homeopathy…part 2

So one of the first questions I ask a client who is suffering with allergies is, “are you taking a good quality probiotic every day?” This is one of the most readily available and easiest things you can do for your allergies. There are many good brands out there, both at your local health food [...]

Allergy Care with Homeopathy…

What can you do about your allergies? Contrary to conventional medical opinion, allergies are curable. Yes, curable. Not just manageable, but curable.  Allergies are certainly curable by homeopathy because homeopathic remedies, when chosen for their deep acting constitutional action, reset the immune system.  When you have allergies, your immune system is over working, over sensitive, [...]