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Norovirus is coming around again…

Remember a few years back when all those Cruise ships were having lots and lots of folks getting some sort of severe gastrointestinal sickness? That was Norovirus: sudden onset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Since Norovirus disembarked from the Cruise ships, it made its way into the general population, particularly nursing homes and then of course schools [...]

The Flu and Oscillo…

Have you seen the TV commercials for Oscillococcinum? They are short and sweet, a great way to introduce folks to homeopathy.  I like their slogan: Bring Out the Health Within. If you have not seen the commercial, check it out at: For more suggestions on how to deal with flu symptoms see my previous [...]

News about Whooping Cough

It has been in the news: there is a definite whooping cough epidemic going on in California. Whooping cough (Pertussis) tends to be endemic (always existing at a low level) in the Greater Sacramento region.  I first got whooping cough when I moved to this area in the late 1980’s.  I have had whooping cough [...]

Flu Update

Folks are asking me what they should do about the flu. First, do not panic.  It seems to be a mild flu that with good hygiene, good nutrition and good homeopathy, is fairly easy to treat. Second, step up your good hygiene and good nutrition and good sleep hygiene (which helps your immune system work [...]

The Swine Flu outbreak…

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about the state of the human population, about how stressed out large groups of folks are about the economy.  And it occurred to me, that any large group of animals, suffering from such continued stress, would become susceptible to opportunistic pathogens.  So here we are. Please see [...]

The Flu Season…

It is that time of year again, when the media and the established medical community wants you to get a flu shot.  But is a vaccination your only choice?  Let’s explore your options: 1-    General Prevention Prevention means running a clean ship.  Hand washing, eating less sugar (even though the white sugar  and alcohol season [...]

Homeopathic Thoughts on MRSA

Patients have been asking me what I think about the MRSA outbreak and what to do about it. First, let’s use some good thinking. As long as the population of the USA continues to use medications that suppress life force activity (and that includes antibiotics, anti-acids, anti-inflammatories, anti-virals, anti-histamines etc etc), we will have this [...]