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Homeopathy for Garden Mishaps…

It is that time of year again when weekend warriors armed with pruning shears and trowels head to gardens of every sort. As a farmer who works in both my home gardens and several community garden plots, I have suffered my share of garden injuries and have seen some unique injuries in my fellow gardeners. [...]

As the Smoke continues…

As the smoky skies continue for many folks in the area, I am prompted to recommend that everyone have an air purifier in their home and/or office. An air purifier can be a breath saver for those especially difficult days when children and adults and pets should really stay inside. DO NOT buy the ionic [...]

More about Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

More fire more smoke more smog. The air out there is a soup of particulate matter: pine trees, manzanita, oak, grasses releasing their silicates, cannabis farms going up in smoke, poison oak and ivy burning, plastics and other petroleum derivatives becoming airborne. Folks are coming in with a wide variety of symptom patterns based on [...]

Homeopathic Care for Hangovers

A Hangover is the result of the overuse of alcohol. There are many possible factors involved including individual susceptibility; see the wikipedia definition. In homeopathy, we call this state of dis-ease an indiscretion, not an illness. An indiscretion is basically a poor choice. Hopefully the consequences of the poor choice teach you not to repeat [...]

Help for Smoke Inhalation

Once again particulate matter from wildfires is blanketing our area. If you are in a forest fire zone or have been subjected to too much tobacco smoke while traveling, you may need to treat the symptoms of smoke inhalation. Most folks complain of a dry mouth, a dry nose, a dry throat and dry bronchial [...]