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So, toothpaste. This is a recurrent question when folks turn to homeopathy, because homeopathic medicines are interfered with by camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree oil (melaluca), Boswellia oil, strong mints and menthols. These strong smelling essential oils demand a reaction from your body, and in doing so, they de-rail the response to the homeopathic medicine. They [...]

Mercury Toxicity Update

Homeopaths have known for 200 years the damaging effects of mercury on the nervous system. When homeopaths tested mercury (conducted a ‘proving’) mercury strongly affected the mind and the general nervous system and the immune system. Why does it take the FDA so long to recognize the dangers of these environmental toxins? Now insurance companies [...]

Seeing the Dentist

You are going to the dentist. And you are going to have your teeth drilled for a cavity. This is probably going to hurt. Maybe you will have an injection of anaesthesia, just in case. So what can you do homeopathically to lessen the trauma to soft tissue and nerve tissue? What can you do [...]