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How to Reverse Pre-Diabetes Part 2

So what might you eat for breakfast if not the bacon and eggs and toast or the cereal and milk? Here are some principles to follow to find the right breakfast for you: When you break your fast, eat a complete meal. Yes there are those of you crying right now saying that you are [...]

How to Reverse Pre-Diabetes Part 1

Maybe you have arrived at pre-diabetes (fasting blood glucose of over 95 to 120 and A1C above 5.6) or you know someone who has arrived and you want to prevent full on diabetes. What to do? If you follow these instructions very carefully you can get out of the hole that you have dug for [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Homeopathy #5

Can homeopathy help folks with cancer? Yes of course it can. Through the past 30 years I have supported many folks in whatever path they have chosen for meeting the challenge of cancer. This includes but is not restricted to: help with the side effects of conventional treatments, help with surgeries, help with pain, help [...]

Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #4

Can homeopathy help reduce my cardiovascular risks, including high cholesterol? This is such a common concern these days that  first I want you to know that the pharmaceutical industry wants you to take statins to lower your cholesterol. This can be a problem for your health. Please read this excellent article about cholesterol from The [...]

Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #3

So the question is, when using homeopathic medicine, what body products can I use? Am I using body care products that could harm my health? One assumption we all make is that if we put something on our skin, whether it is an ointment or a lotion or a shampoo or anything really, we assume [...]

Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #2

When using homeopathic medicine, what body products can I use? Yes there are some body products you should avoid when using homeopathic medicine. There are basically two categories to consider: ingredients in body products that actually stop homeopathic medicines from working ingredients in body products that are just plain unhealthy choices. The ingredients that stop [...]

Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #1

What can Homeopathy help with and what does Homeopathy not help with? First know that not all homeopathic practitioners are cradle to grave health providers, as I am. This means that I can use homeopathy to help you: Be conceived. Be carried to term and be born. Reach your developmental milestones with vitality. Enter puberty [...]

Just a Reminder…

Just a reminder that caring for your health in a more natural way also extends to your family pets. And that cleaning up the environment we all live in is essential for a healthy foundation. See: for how the common choices we make in carpets, pesticides and daily cleaning products can make such a [...]

Colonoscopy help from Homeopathy…

So you are going to get a colonoscopy or even just a rectal exam. You are not exactly looking forward to this procedure…how can homeopathy help? First, you may be suffering from some anxiety about having this particular procedure done. The most common homeopathic remedy to consider for anticipatory anxiety before an examination is: Gelsemium [...]

Homeopathy for Garden Mishaps…

It is that time of year again when weekend warriors armed with pruning shears and trowels head to gardens of every sort. As a farmer who works in both my home gardens and several community garden plots, I have suffered my share of garden injuries and have seen some unique injuries in my fellow gardeners. [...]