How to Reverse Pre-Diabetes Part 1

Maybe you have arrived at pre-diabetes (fasting blood glucose of over 95 to 120 and A1C above 5.6) or you know someone who has arrived and you want to prevent full on diabetes. What to do? If you follow these instructions very carefully you can get out of the hole that you have dug for yourself. It will take some effort on your part. It will take a cooperative spirit in your family. But you can do it!

  • Stop the coffee. Why? Right now caffeine is pushing your pancreas to pump out insulin in response to the amount of sugar you are eating. Caffeine is pushing and pushing and soon your pancreas will not be pushed any more. Stop the pushing. Be kind to your body. Stop battering your body with caffeine.
  • Stop the caffeinated drinks of any sort.
  • Stop the sodas. Why? Soda is liquid sugar. It is easy to do too much. Water is good. Sparkling water is fine. Sparkling water with an ounce of real fruit juice or a slice of lemon is fine. Herbal tea is fine. Drink to thirst and eat plenty of juicy things. Dr. Oz had a very good way to get off soda for those of you who are true addicts.
  • Stop eating breakfast foods forĀ  breakfast. Stop the cereal and milk (refined carbohydrates = sugar; low fat milk (lactose) = sugar). Stop the bagels and croissants and donuts. Stop the eggs and bacon. Right now the vegans are winning the war on diabetes. I have never ever seen anyone reverse their prediabetes on the Paleo diet or by eating eggs for breakfast…..too inflammatory.
  • Stop eating junk food. But you knew that. Plant a garden this year. Eat fresh from the garden or the Farmer’s market in your neighborhood. Eating fresh food will reform and re-educate your taste buds. Right now your taste buds are owned by corporate America. Eat real food. Eat fresh food.
  • Get some sort of exercise: clean the house, plant that garden, take a walk with your loved ones, take a swim, ride a bike….the list is good, the list is fun, the list is possible for everyone.

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Reader Comments

Ok you mention what not to eat for breakfast, besides oat meal what else can you eat?

Dear Diana, Thank you for asking. Yes I will reveal what to eat in Part 2. And oatmeal is not it. Oatmeal is probably best for dinner. Stay tuned.