Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #4

Can homeopathy help reduce my cardiovascular risks, including high cholesterol?

This is such a common concern these days that  first I want you to know that the pharmaceutical industry wants you to take statins to lower your cholesterol. This can be a problem for your health. Please read this excellent article about cholesterol from The Healthy Home Economist.

Next, let’s think about what high cholesterol means. The current guidelines on cholesterol from the laboratories say that above 200 for total cholesterol is HIGH cholesterol. This is not true. The newer guidelines will have 239 as the break point. If your doctor is trying to get you to use statins to lower your less than perfect total cholesterol level, please consider the side effects carefully.

Clinically I am now seeing folks who are losing their hair, their vitality, their sex drive and their memory due to artificially lowered total cholesterol. Why is this so? Because most cholesterol is made by your very own liver IN RESPONSE TO several factors.

One factor is that cholesterol is actually the stuff of which all kinds of other hormones are derived from….hence when too low (lower 100s in total cholesterol) you are actually depriving your body of the building blocks of other necessary hormones. The second factor and the factor which homeopathy does address, is that your liver creates cholesterol in response to chronic inflammation of your cardiovascular system. When your arteries are inflamed, cholesterol acts as a bandaid to soothe that inflammation. Unfortunately if you keep piling up bandaids inside your arteries, your arteries can get clogged up. You need to heal that basic inflammation. Statins do not heal that inflammation, they just reduce the bandaids. That inflammation can be caused by poor dietary choices, lack of Vitamin C, stress, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep and other systemic illnesses. Homeopathy can help you get healthy from the inside out.

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