Frequently asked questions about Homeopathy #1

What can Homeopathy help with and what does Homeopathy not help with?

First know that not all homeopathic practitioners are cradle to grave health providers, as I am. This means that I can use homeopathy to help you:

  • Be conceived.
  • Be carried to term and be born.
  • Reach your developmental milestones with vitality.
  • Enter puberty with few problems including helping to regulate menstrual cycles, decrease acne, and support healthy moods.
  • Speed the healing of any and all accidents, injuries, colds, flus and other infections.
  • Help you with any sexual health issues and help you conceive your own children.
  • Support you through postpartum stresses like lack of sleep, insufficient breast milk, postpartum depression and loss of libido.
  • Address any chronic health problems that arise as you age, like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and memory challenges.
  • Regulate the passage through menopause without the side effects of conventional hormone therapy.
  • Support any surgeries and medical interventions that may be required.
  • Help you die with peace of mind and tranquility of the body.

And homeopathy is especially useful in problems of the immune system and problems of the hormonal system, such as:

  • Any autoimmune disorder: psoriasis, arthritis, Grave’s disease, Crohn’s disease
  • Any over active immune disorders: allergies, eczema, and asthma
  • Hormone issues: PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, low thyroid, hyperthyroid, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone, hormone related post cancer care

Because homeopathy works ‘with’ your homeostatic mechanism to put right your system, it can work with many disorders that can only be palliated by conventional care. Just ask me.

What does homeopathy not help with?

  • Even in cases of fundamental nutritional deficiency, homeopathy can still help the body absorb the required supplementation.
  • And in cases of broken bones and other bodily injuries that require surgical intervention, homeopathy can still help with the bruising, bleeding, pain and recovery time.
  • Where toxicity from heavy metal exposure or other toxic exposures are present, yes you may need the antidote or chelation therapy. And still homeopathy can provide gentle detox in conjunction with conventional care.
  • When you may have lost vital bodily fluids due to bleeding or vomiting or diarrhea or dehydration, still homeopathy can assist the homeostatic mechanism in more rapid re-constitution of your fluid and electrolyte balance.

There is not much that homeopathy cannot assist you with. Most folks do not know that. Now you do. Tell them.

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