How Homeopathy Can Help Those on the Autistic Sprectrum…

Can homeopathy help those children who are diagnosed within the Autistic Spectrum? What can homeopathy do for those children that no other therapy can?

Because homeopathy works ‘with’ your child’s intrinsic homeostatic mechanism to bring greater homeostasis to every system of your child’s body, homeopathy can help.

When I sit down with a family challenged by this disorder, there are four protocols that I use:

  • The Vaccine Clearing Protocol
  • The Heavy Metal Detox Protocol
  • The Psychotropic Medication Detox Protocol
  • Constitutional Reinforcement

With my Vaccine Clearing Protocol we use homeopathically prepared vaccines to prompt the body to eliminate any toxic residues and to rebalance all systems. Homeopathically prepared vaccines do not contain any measurable amount of vaccine product but they do prompt the body’s homeostatic mechanism to react. Sometimes we see fevers or fatigue for a day or so. Sometimes behavior worsens for a few days. Then often surprising things happen…children talk, smile, listen. These amazing results make me wonder if perhaps we all could benefit from this particular protocol.

With lab tests indicating heavy metal contamination, my Heavy Metal Detox Protocol is fairly simple and straightforward. Once again we use homeopathically prepared heavy metals to prompt the body to eliminate any toxic residues and to rebalance all systems. Lab tests then improve. Behavior improves. Makes me wonder again.

If your child has been medicated with psychotropic drugs and you would like help with the transition away from such medications, we can do that. This Protocol is more involved and has more to do with the kind of injury those drugs have inflicted on the developing brain. Recently I helped an adult get off of several opiates and Elavil, all using homeopathics to restore brain cells and to lessen the systemic withdrawal effects.

Constitutional homeopathic reinforcement relies on appreciating your child’s basic inherited factors. To that end I insist upon interviewing both parents about their health, but particularly interviewing the younger parent for relevant health history and subtle constitutional traits. This can make all the difference in assisting your child towards health. Please see the works of the Reichenberg-Ullmans: A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism.  Also see my blog article about how I work with children.

A team effort is usually necessary to help your child with this particular challenge. Homeopathy can be part of that team effort. Let me know how I can help.

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Reader Comments

Your article has raised my hopes again regarding my grandson, an American 14 yr old boy,who has autism. He was a premature twin baby and had to stay in the hospital for almost a month taking all kinds of vaccines and at his first pediatrician appointment he was diagnosed as having “problems”. I was raised with homeopathy here in Brazil, so I suggested treating him with It. After trying other kinds of allopathic medicines his parents decided for Homeopathy. Not knowing good Homeopaths in the US, they decided to treat him with my doctor here in Brazil, but only for his crises moments, as fever, aggressive behavior, meltdowns, depression,and school problems,but he has not been cured. I believe in Homeopathic treatment because I have seen amazing results in my own children, husband, and people I have indicated to my homeopathic doctor here in Brazil.
This morning I have seen your site and my hopes were raised to see him cured. Is it possible? Could you help him with the CEASE procedure?
May God bless you as you continue your work.

Dear Marilene, Yes homeopathy and the CEASE protocol can help with autism and move the person towards cure. Do let his parents know that I am available. In addition to the CEASE protocol I work with the whole family to help the autistic child…it is a unique approach that I have much success with. sincerely, Lynn Amara