Norovirus is coming around again…

Remember a few years back when all those Cruise ships were having lots and lots of folks getting some sort of severe gastrointestinal sickness? That was Norovirus: sudden onset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Since Norovirus disembarked from the Cruise ships, it made its way into the general population, particularly nursing homes and then of course schools and then….. your neighborhood. So yes I have been getting reports of Norovirus coming around again. Here is what to do and to consider doing if you find yourself a good host to Norovirus:

  • Keep hydrated; you may need an electrolyte drink.
  • Eat ONLY the B.R.A.T. diet for 3 to 7 days. The BRAT diet consists of banana (for the potassium) + rice (for the easily digested carbohydrates) + applesauce (for the pectin that stabilizes the intestinal environment and the simple carbohydrates and the fluids) + toast (a simple carb again for energy). If you do well with this, you could add a vegetable broth or steamed veggies in a few days. NO fats, raw food, meat, dairy, eggs for several days at least. Norovirus can recur if you do not follow these dietary rules!
  • Follow good hygiene at home so that you do not ‘share’ Norovirus. When the whole family gets sick like this together, it is, well, very difficult to manage.
  • The leading homeopathic remedies to consider are the following. Remember, if a remedy does not help in 4 to 6 hours in this kind of acute situation, you may need another choice.

Veratrum album: The vomiting and diarrhea happen simultaneously. Yes you will be sitting on the toilet with profuse diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. When you need Veratrum album you will also feel very very cold, have cold sweat  and not be able to keep fluids down. Since this can be a dangerous situation, requiring intravenous fluids, be sure to use your best common sense in seeking medical care.

Chamomilla: Along with the vomiting will be diarrhea that looks greenish. You may feel very irritable and contrary.

Ipecac: Nausea and vomiting predominate when Ipecac is needed. And the tongue will be clean, not coated.

Jatropha: Sudden, profuse, watery diarrhea that is forcibly discharged. Very easy vomiting….what do I mean by that? You will have nausea and think you have time to get to the toilet, but then vomit immediately, without thinking. This remedy is not readily available in Health Food stores, but can be found at homeopathic dispensaries online.

If Noro virus visits your home please use common sense in seeking medical care if it is needed. Dehydration can be dangerous to very small children and to the elderly. Be safe.

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Type your comment here.Next to each homeomed, you give a description. Are you saying those meds will cause/intensify those conditions, or that you should try that homeomed if you already have those symptoms?

Dear Kari, Simply put, the described homeomeds will initiate a curative response. Since homeopathy is based on the principle of like curing like (completing the feedback loop necessary for your own psychoneuroimmunological system to advance a healing response) the remedies that are indicated for any state of health are indicated because when they were tested homeopathically, they most resembled the effort your own system was trying to mount. A great explanation of how this principle of ‘likes curing likes’ is available in the book: Everyday Miracles by Dr. Linda Johnston. Remember, homeopathics are completely nontoxic and safe for all ages. Hope this is the beginning of help for you and yours. Lynn

Yes nursing and having diarrhea can quickly deplete you. Please seek appropriate medical care; you may need intravenous fluids. Broths are good and you can see that not following the BRAT diet just prolongs the illness.