Allergy Care with Homeopathy…Part 4

So what does your diet have to do with your allergies? This is a difficult topic and a topic that Americans are particularly confused about.

Do you know there are no food allergies among impoverished peoples in Africa? There are no peanut allergies, no gluten intolerance and no milk allergies etc.  But in this country these things are becoming common. I want to ask why. I want to find the root cause. Here are some clues that I have discovered:

  • Eat unprocessed food. What is unprocessed food? It is food that is not in a box, a can, a jar, or a plastic container or a microwave tray. It is food that is prepared from scratch by you. Fresh food. Processed foods have ingredients you do not need, like colors and preservatives and sugar and salt.
  • Eat whole foods. What is a whole food? It is NOT fat free yogurt or 2% milk or reduced fat ice cream….you are just increasing your chances of diabetes cause of the increase in sugars those products have brought to you. Eat whole foods. If you eat beef, then free range organic is your choice. If you eat chicken, ditto. Eat whole grains, good fats, fruits and vegetables and high quality protein (yes that is fish, chicken, bison, beef, turkey). If I came to your house with garbage bags, how many would we use, filling them up with processed and unwhole foods alone?
  • Eat seasonally fresh food. Why? When the seasons change, your body’s needs change. You need more juicy fruit and vegetables in the summer to provide enough hydration. You need more root vegetables in the winter to burn more calories to keep you warm. Potatoes not Prozac.
  • Eat a breakfast that stabilizes your blood sugar, providing you with stable energy and stable alertness for the greater part of the day.  A big breakfast is your best defense against diabetes and mood disorders and ADD. Eat real oatmeal, applesauce or pear sauce, 4 oz. of a high quality protein, a banana…maybe some veggies… or a stew that has been in the crockpot overnight. Yum.

Why is food a big deal for allergies? Because what goes through your gut impacts your immunity. And allergies are a sign that your immune system is disordered, sick, out of whack, disturbed, imbalanced, hyperactive and unhappy. There are more localized immune cells in your intestines than anywhere else in your body. Just as your brain has more localized nerve cells than anywhere else in your body, so the intestines are the central focus of your immunity. What you put in your gut does count and I am not talking calories. I am talking food quality and food toxicity. Take care of your gut. If you suspect gluten or casein or lactose or egg allergy, stop eating those offenders for a long while to give your body a chance to heal with homeopathy. Just stop. There are many wonderful substitute foods that are wholesome and delicious. You can do it.

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Thanks, We are a health concious family and do all these things, including making our own flour and buying produce from our local farms.

Such good advice, not the kind of information you usually get at the doctor’s office. Thank you for being logical and thoughtful and PREVENTATIVE!