Allergy Care with Homeopathy…

What can you do about your allergies?

Contrary to conventional medical opinion, allergies are curable. Yes, curable. Not just manageable, but curable.  Allergies are certainly curable by homeopathy because homeopathic remedies, when chosen for their deep acting constitutional action, reset the immune system.  When you have allergies, your immune system is over working, over sensitive, and over reactive.  This is not a balanced state of health no matter how healthy you otherwise appear to be or think yourself to be.  And if you use medications like antihistamines, decongestants and steroids to control your allergy symptoms, you risk developing side effects and damaging your immune system further.  Many antihistamines have a warning on their label that alerts the user to the fact that they may become more susceptible to viruses when using the antihistamine.  So then you contract a cold or a flu and end up using more medications to chase the symptoms. Homeopaths consider these medications suppressive.  Suppression is like putting a blanket over the kitchen garbage, you don’t see the symptoms anymore but later on other problems develop.  Suppression can surely create a stink.

Many folks don’t realize that allergies and asthma and eczema are the same disease, the same imbalance.  They are the three faces of an allergic inflammatory disorder. Under suppressive medication these ‘symptoms’ of immune imbalance will often just rotate places, around and around.  Eventually you may have all three simultaneously and find yourself on heavier doses of suppressive medications.  Pharmaceutical companies make billions on keeping you coming back for more medications.  So what can you do?  In the following weeks I will be sharing the checklist that I review with clients.  This checklist supplements their homeopathic care and makes healing easier.

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