Acne and Homeopathy Part 2

Let me stress again, that because acne is a sign that there is inflammation in the body, constitutional homeopathic care is essential.  Constitutional care will raise your general level of health and decrease the overall inflammation in your body.  This will take time.  Here are some things to consider while receiving homeopathic care:

Have you tried Salicylic  acid or Benzol peroxide acne treatments?

  • I have no opposition to these products; they are useful but not always permanent cures.  They can be too harsh for some sensitive skin types.

Have you tried  a weekly or biweekly exfoliation treatment?

  • Between breakouts, try this.  I recommend DermaE.

What  other topical treatments have you tried for your acne?

  • I strongly discourage Retin A.  It is a very harsh external treatment for a problem that is usually due to external hygiene plus internal causes.
  • And let’s not get me going on antibiotic use for acne.  Antibiotics disrupt the good guys in your gut.  Why is that bad?
  1. Cause those good guys prevent you from getting vaginal candidiasis and/or candida of your intestines = diarrhea, gas, bloating.
  2. Disrupting  the good guys also makes you more prone to allergies by creating a situation called leaky gut syndrome.
  3. Those good guys (good flora) also help digest your food and help to eliminate toxins like oxalic acids (commonly found in chocolate, strawberries, dark green leafy vegys).
  • And if you are considering Birth Control Pills for acne, stop, pause, and let us get your hormonal situation into balance.  Then your acne will resolve.

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