The Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema Part 1

Eczema Check List

Because eczema is the skin manifestation of allergies, your constitutional homeopathic remedy will help your eczema in a general way. This takes time.  There are things we can do to make you more comfortable during the healing process.  So…… consider the following:

1-  Have you cleaned up your diet?

  • Sugar depresses the immune system for 2 hours after ingestion, making you  more   susceptible to secondary infections on top of your eczema  –   especially if you have been scratching the eczema and your skin is broken.   Sugar also unbalances the flora of the gut (see probiotic use).
  • Dairy products can be real problems for Blood Type O, A and AB.
  • Processed foods often have dyes.  Red, Yellow and Blue dyes can strongly contribute to allergies/ eczema. What are processed foods?  Any ‘food’ that comes with a label that has more than 3 ingredients.  Read those labels.  Or stop eating ‘foods’ with labels.
  • Wheat and corn, soy for some, nuts or peanuts for others, eating foods of the  nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers) all need to  be reviewed as possible allergens.
  • Caffeine is stressful to the body. Caffeine elevates the body’s stress    hormone: cortisol.  When cortisol levels are unbalanced, this unbalances   other hormones including insulin,  thyroid hormone, estrogen etc.  Elevated stress hormone tells the body that it  is under attack.  Your immune  system’s response to that perceived attack is  to fight back with an inflammatory response: in your case, eczema.  And then an over active immune system further elevates your stress hormone, creating a vicious cycle of inflammation.

2-   Are you using environmentally ‘green’ products at home?

  • Environmental toxins can trigger eczema.  These toxins include perfumes, scents,   dyes, coloring agents, laundry detergents, cleaning chemicals and exposure to certain metals – even in cosmetics ( the colors are often made from metals that some  folks are sensitive to).  Many of these products are toxic to your skin and to your immune  system because they have petroleum distillates in them.

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