Flu Update

Folks are asking me what they should do about the flu.

First, do not panic.  It seems to be a mild flu that with good hygiene, good nutrition and good homeopathy, is fairly easy to treat.

Second, step up your good hygiene and good nutrition and good sleep hygiene (which helps your immune system work at it’s best).

Then consider the following:

  • Prevention: 1 dose monthly of homeopathic Influenzinum 30c
    • If the pandemic starts heating up, then one dose weekly of homeopathic Influenzinum 30c
    • My new stock of Influenzinum will be available after October 1st for established clients.
  • First Onset of Symptoms:
    • Influenzinum 30c
      • 2 pellets in 4 oz water
      • One tsp every 2-3 hours for 1-2 days
      • If no positive change in 24 hours find specific remedy.
    • Oscillococcinum 200c
      • 5-10 pellets in 4 oz water
      • One tsp every 3-4 hours for 1-2 days
      • If no positive change in 24 hours find specific remedy
    • If you are doing better with either Influenzinum or Oscillococcinum, stay with the dosage, at less frequent intervals, for at least 5 to 7 more days
  • Combination Homeopathic Remedies for the flu:
    • These are available at most Health Food stores
    • Read the ingredients, be sure Gelsemium and Nux vomica are included.
    • Follow manufacturers instructions.
  • Current Leading Remedies for the flu:
    • Assess your symptoms and choose one of the following remedies to try.
    • Take 2 pellets every 3-4 hours
    • Try your selected remedy for 6 to 12 hours, if no positive change, select another remedy or call for an acute consult.  Acute consults are only available for established clients.
    • If the indicated remedy is helping, stay with it, using it less frequently as you feel better.  You may need to use it for 5 to 10 days total.
      • Nux vomica
        • Indicated when the patient is chilly
        • Sore throat radiating into the ear, especially on swallowing
        • May be quite irritable and adverse all stimuli
        • Usual aches and pains
        • May have been overworking
        • Nose and sinuses feel stuffed up at night, so they end up breathing through their mouth
        • Nose runs during the day
        • Rough, hollow cough with thick expectoration
        • May have been using stimulants or staying up too late at night
      • Gelsemium
        • Chilly but also waves of sweaty heat
        • Chills up and down the spine
        • Very lethargic, sleepy and drowsy
        • Slow onset of usual flu symptoms
        • Heavy eyed
        • Feels shaky
        • This remedy was the main effective remedy in the 1918 pandemic
        • Perhaps does not sleep the night before symptoms develop, because they felt anxious and out of sorts

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Thanks for the help, Lynn. My youngest just came down with the flu. This morning she smelled so bad and was perspiring so heavily and feeling nauseous that I gave her Baptisia which took care of the smell, sweat, and nausea giving way to classic gelsemium flu sxs as listed above. I referred to your recommendations throughout the day. Many thanks.