What Homeopathy can do for Your Child…

Children are like Polaroid photographs, they are a developing picture.  The full picture of their health is not yet complete.  Over the years I have developed a system of biological connections to your child’s ancestry that help me to help your child with homeopathy.  I will need to know the following:

• Is your child adopted?  If so, do you know anything about the biological parents, grandparents, other siblings or biological aunts and uncles?  The same is true if you used the services of an egg or sperm donor.  Not the same if you used a surrogate mother.
• Which biological parent is younger and how much younger?
• What family tendencies are there to the challenges your child faces?
• If your child has a complicated medical history, have you taken the time to write it out in chronological order?
• What about stress in the family unit?  Stress can profoundly affect the immune system and the developing brain.  If there are behaviors or family history or family traumas that you are uncomfortable sharing with me in the presence of your child, we have two options:
a- Write it all out.
b-Or we can discuss it while your child spends some time in the adjacent waiting room.  It can be best if your child knows ahead of time that you and I will need some private time to discuss adult topics.
• Have you read any introductory books on homeopathy?  Recently I checked the library system and found a wealth of very good books!  The best introductory book I recommend is Everyday Miracles by Dr. Linda Johnston.  Very readable.
•    Have you read any books that address how homeopathy can help your child with their specific problem?  Here are some examples:
Childhood Ear Infections by Michael Schmidt

Ritalin Free by the Reichenberg-Ullmans

Rage Free by the Reichenberg-Ullmans

A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism by the Reichenberg-Ullmans

I would have you read and highlight portions of these books because they help you to identify all the aspects of your child that a homeopath needs to know.  Since homeopathy looks at your child’s total state of health, I will want to hear living examples of your child’s behavior, habits and temperment.  I will want examples of how your child behaves when well and when ill.  I will need to know their loves and their hates, their favorite movies and books and things.  I need to imagine what it is like to be your child.  This kind of interview process leads to fully appreciating the health challenges your child is facing and the attempts your child has made to cope with their world.

Ultimately, the apple does not fall very far from the tree.  So when a child is fairly young (less than 8 years old) I will insist on seeing the child as part of a parent/child couple.  The younger parent is the parent I need to see and interview in depth. Then we have a shorter visit with the child.  This can make all the difference in finding an effective homeopathic remedy.

For example, one 4 month old baby I saw recently as part of a father/daughter couple was covered in eczema from head to toe.  What can a 4 month old tell me?  Not a lot.  Even though her eczema was terrible, homeopathy has 200 remedies to choose from in eczema.  It was her father’s constitutional symptoms and health trajectory that were instrumental in finding the best homeopathic remedy for her.   She shares her father’s constitution, and that bigger picture is just what I needed to find some peculiar symptoms upon which to base a remedy.   In just 10 weeks she was enjoying 80% better skin and her parents were enjoying peace of mind.

There is so much homeopathy can offer a growing body and mind.  By tending to the constitutional soil of your family garden, we can help your children develop their best potential.

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