Side effects from conventional medications….

Many times when folks first come to see me, they are taking boatloads of conventional medications and we find that half of what they are taking is for the side effects of their first medications.  I call this: chasing the tail of the tiger.  How can we stop this cycle for you?  How can we restore dynamic equilibrium to a chemistry experiment gone wrong?

First I must appreciate the side effects in and of themselves.  There are two basic kinds of side effects that I see: common side effects, that have very little impact on your quality of life, and idiosyncratic side effects, that either lead to more medications or new medications.

Common side effects are best dealt with by getting to the root of your health problems with good constitutional homeopathic care.  And then you will not need the medication.  Then there will be no side effects.  And yes your doctor is usually happy to help you taper down or cease using the medication.  That is the best case scenario.

But here is the strange thing: side effects are the kick back of your own vital force.  Your vital force is trying to reject the medication, trying to reestablish the state of unhealthiness that you were originally in.  So curiously enough, side effects are a sign or symptom of an unbalanced vital force, just like all the other signs and symptoms being expressed.  The conventional medication is triggering the distressful symptom.  And the unbalanced vital force is talking back.

So idiosyncratic side effects can be very valuable to the homeopath.  They are not to be dismissed as solely belonging to the toxicity of the conventional medication.  They are loud, unique cries for help.

Your history of medications and your side effects tell a story.   That story probably makes sense in the total context of your bigger health history, if we take the time to put it all together.
Tell me your story.

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