In the News…Misinformation about Homeopathy

Be sure to read this alert by the National Center for Homeopathy.  I like to see homeopathy in the news but misinformation can still abound.  While you are at the National Center’s website, why not become a member and support homeopathy in the USA.  You will receive a quarterly newsletter and enewsletter and these email alerts.  Could be mighty useful.

One misconception about homeopathy is that if a substance is prepared homeopathically, that makes something homeopathic.  No.  It is ONLY when a substance is used homeopathically that makes it ‘homeopathic’.  Homeopathy is a principle of action not a thing.  Even an allopathic medicine or an herb, if given homeopathically, can act homeopathically, even when it is not prepared homeopathically.  Yes, it would be safer if it was prepared homeopathically in the micro doses that homeopaths use, but if the principle is employed, good results will follow.

If this discussion is confusing to any of my readers, I suggest Dr. Linda Johnston’s book: Everyday Miracles for a wonderful basic introduction to homeopathy.  And for any of my readers who may have medical or pharmaceutical training, I suggest Jeremy Swayne’s Homeopathic Method.

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