Ailments from Bad News…

Tis the season for bad news.  You, or someone you know, may be receiving bad news.  The reaction to bad news can range from shock and fear, to resignation, as if the last shoe has dropped.  In homeopathy we recognize ‘ailments from bad news’ as a real force in your health.  There are a few simple remedies to consider for this acute ‘state’.

Aconitum: A sudden shock accompanied by agitation, restlessness, fear of catastrophe (death, dying, homelessness, starvation, ruin).  One of the top remedies for after 9/11.  Sleep is disturbed by anxious dreams.  The body seems hypervigilent.  One of the top remedies in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Gelsemium: Bad news that makes the bottom of your stomach fall down, your knees weak, your hands shake, your voice tremble.  Anxiety reaction with loose bowels in anticipation of what is coming.  One of the top remedies in acute (not necessarily for chronic) stage fright or exam fright.

Arnica: Yes, Arnica.  For ailments from bad news accompanied by shock, denial, and a sense of distance from the body.  Denying that anything is wrong.

Ignatia: Bad news responded to with no tears.  Or lots of tears alternating with no feelings.  Sighing often.  A sense of heaviness on the chest.  A longing for an idealized past.  No appetite or only wanting fruit.

Staphysagria:  Anger and indignation characterize the response to the bad news, followed by passive resignation.  This remedy will help the oppressed stand up for themselves.

These remedies are readily available at your health food store.  I recommend the 30c potency, one dose with each wave of fear or anxiety or grief.  If after 2 days there is no change, consider a different remedy or consult a professional homeopath.
And of course constitutional treatment as follow up is strongly recommended to vitalize the foundation of your health.

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