Ailments from Joy…

Yes, there are homeopathic remedies for ‘ailments from joy’. Especially for the sudden, unexpected joy, the too longed for joy, the holding-your-breath-can’t-quite-believe it joy.

And the ailments…… well, sleeplessness is often a result of such joy. Being too excited to sit down much less sleep. An amped up restless exuberant activity of the mind, body and spirit. A loss of the ability to calm your spirit. Ailments from joy.

And the main homeopathic remedy to consider, is of all things, Coffea – homeopathic coffee. Yes, homeopaths make a medicine out of coffee. The Coffea state is characterized by the hyperactive body and the mind with a million thoughts. A too alert state where you can not concentrate and cannot sit down. The mind racing with joy.

If because of the joy, tears are predominant, the main homeopathic remedy to consider is still Coffea, but also consider Pulsatilla. The Pulsatilla state is easily moved to tears over both joyful and sad events.

If the joy puts a person in a numbed, speechless, quasi-catatonic state, then homeopathic Opium is best indicated (not available without a prescription).

Ailments from joy is usually a true acute emotional state that will pass without a remedy. And still, it is good to know how to get back into balance if need be.


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