Homeopathic Approach to Constipation…

Let’s talk about poop.  In particular, constipation.  It seems to me that most of America is constipated.  Dr. Oz says that we need to poop 2 to 3 times per day.  The stool needs to be well formed, not too soft and not hard.  And very little residue.  So why aren’t you pooping?

When I talk to folks about their constipation, I first like to sort out any obstacles to cure that may be contributing to the problem.  This is what we first consider:
Obstacles to Cure in Constipation:
1- Poor bowel flora.  Either because of repeated antibiotic use or because of a diet rich in processed and sugar laden foods.  Poor bowel flora can result in food just putrifying in your gut cause not enough beneficial bacteria are present to keep the bad flora under control.  Yes, you need an army of beneficial bacteria to keep you healthy.  The bulk of a perfect stool is faecal bacteria that have been breaking down your food for you.
Solution: a probiotic for many months.  I recommend Nature’s Way Reuteri or Pearls. And clean up your diet.
2- Diet deficient in Essential Fatty Acids.  Either because of a processed food diet or an aversion to fish or nuts.  When so many Americans avoid fats to loose weight, they inadvertantly avoid the good fats.  Eat good fats.
Solution: Cod liver oil or Fish Oil or a vegetarian EFA supplement.
Tip of the day: freeze the fish oil capsules so they do not ‘repeat’ on you.
3- Lack of the right kind of fiber.  Once again because of a processed food diet and an aversion to fruits and vegys.
Solution: You need 35grams of fiber in your diet EVERY day.  Yep, every day.  Start with a fiber rich breakfast, and that does not mean a breakfast bar.  You also need a nice balance between soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet.  Pectin will give you that.  Where to get pectin?  Cook your fruits: applesauce, pear sauce, peach sauce, apricot sauce, stewed prunes.  Yummy.  No need to add sugar cause as the fruit cooks down, the natural fruit sugars become concentrated and the pectin is developed.  And pectin detoxifies your intestinal tract.  It is good for both constipation and diarrhea.  Pectin also moderates blood sugar spikes for those of you flirting with Type 2 Diabetes or hypoglycemia.  Stop the Miralax and the Cascara sagrada and the Metamucil.  Eat real food.

Once we have sorted out the main obstacles to cure in your constipation, then I inquire into whether there is a motility problem.  Motility means the ability of your intestines to contract and relax, moving undigested food along the whole length of the digestive tract.  This ability is created by small muscle fibers that wrap around the intestine, innervated by nerves.  So the question is, why isn’t  the contract and relax wave  happening?

1- Lack of exercise and abdominal muscle tone.   Your abdominal muscles massage your intestines.
Solution: Walk around the block after a meal.  Walk and talk.  Relax. Good posture helps too.
2- Poor nerve innervation of the intestines.  This can be due to many systemic illnesses, including diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, Myasthenia gravis, herniated discs, subluxated discs, abdominal surgeries (for any number of reasons), hypothyroidism, megacolon,  and shock.

Most folks do not know that the gut has it’s own nervous system: the enteric nervous system.  Sometimes we have to reboot that system after a shock or after the use of anaesthetics during surgery.  One of the best homeopathic remedies to reboot the enteric  nervous system after anaesthetics is homeopathic Nux vomica.  I recommend Nux vomica 30c 1 dose daily for 5 days.  If no change, seek professional homeopathic care.

Most of the causes of poor motility are systemic and require constitutional homeopathic care.  What to do?  Seek an experienced homeopath who can help you with your whole state of health.  Together you will explore every system of your body.  And look at your emotional life and your mental habits.  One question that always comes to my mind is, how is your constipation reflected in the rest of your life?  Is your life constipated?  Are you literally, ‘full of shit’?  Is it time for you to ‘shit or get off the pot’?  How else are you bloated?  Where else are you sluggish?  What is paralyzing you?  What does your gut know that you need to know?
Happy pooping.

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