The Flu Season…

It is that time of year again, when the media and the established medical community wants you to get a flu shot.  But is a vaccination your only choice?  Let’s explore your options:

1-    General Prevention

Prevention means running a clean ship.  Hand washing, eating less sugar (even though the white sugar  and alcohol season is upon us), and getting a tune up of your general constitution, these are good.

2-    Homeopathic Prevention

For those of you who are clients of mine,  I make homeopathic Influenzinum available as a prophylactic.  One dose monthly during the flu season is good.  Influenzinum can also be taken at the first sign of the flu, just as I describe below about Oscillococcinum.  Influenzinum is also useful with those coughs that linger after a bout of flu.

3-    Onset of Flu-like Symptoms

Many many grocery stores, drug stores and of course, health food stores, carry  this somewhat generic  homeopathic remedy for the onset of flu-like symptoms: Oscillococcinum 200c.  I suggest the following directions for using Oscillococcinum:
• Take it early; at the very first sign of body aches, fever and chills.
• Use a capful of the tiny pellets about twice per day for one to three days. You do not need to take the entire vial as one dose.  More pellets is not stronger.  More frequent doses is stronger.
•  If your symptoms decrease, take less often and stop soon.
•  If your symptoms develop, stop the Oscillococcinum and make another choice.

4-    More Flu Symptoms

At health food stores there are several combination homeopathic formulas that can help with a mild flu.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions.

5-    More and More Flu Symptoms

If you are an established client, make an acute care appointment.  There are over 20 different homeopathic remedies to consider for your flu.

Sometimes someone will call and ask me what I have for the flu.  I say, “the indicated remedy”.  Homeopathy is not allopathy nor herbology.  One size does not fit all.  Even if I treated you for the flu before, that remedy may not be indicated this time.

On the other hand, we homeopaths do recognize that when influenza strikes large numbers of people (let’s say your whole household or preschool or office), we need to look at the ‘genus epidemicus’.  The ‘genus epidemicus’ can be determined by collecting the symptoms of the group involved – as if they were one person- and finding a remedy that suits the group.  That is why I often ask you if other members of your circle are ill, and why I need to know their symptoms.  Some of you will have very common symptoms that do not have the peculiar features that allow a homeopathic differential.  By collecting more symptoms from the group, some distinctive patterns and symptoms may arise.  These will point to only a few homeopathic remedies.
For those DIY folks,  you might want to read and study The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza by Sandra Perko.  Then buy a homeopathic kit that contains many of her mentioned remedy choices.

Influenza is an opportunistic infection, let us not be the opportunity.

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