Why Ambien May Waken Some Minimally Conscious Patients…

This evening on 60 Minutes, there was a segment on Medical Awakenings. It seems that some minimally conscious patients – folks who have suffered a brain injury for whatever reason – and are not in a deep vegetative state, may wake up if given Ambien. Ambien of course is a sleep medication, part of a family of medications that are non-benzodiazepine hypnotics. It is always a wonder to me that conventional medicine can stumble across the principle of homeopathy in action, and not know what they are looking at. To any homeopath, this principle of like curing like, of like evoking a reciprocal response in the individual, is just pure and simple homeopathy.

Homeopaths have a two hundred year history of helping folks recover from comas, minimal conscious states, and brain injuries through homeopathic medicines like homeopathic Opium or homeopathic Helleborus or homeopathic Arnica. These are probably the top three homeopathic medicines to consider in such cases, but they are not the only choices to consider based on the patient’s individual profile. Since Ambien is narcotic-like, it is no wonder it acted so homeopathically. Most probably homeopathic Opium would work as well or better, since it’s dosage can be modulated more precisely over time to evoke a response. And without side effects or drug dependency issues.  Homeopathic Opium is not available at your health food store.  It is available through qualified homeopaths.  But of course homeopathic Arnica – see my recent blog about Arnica – can be found in most health food stores and is certainly a medicine of first consideration in many brain trauma cases.

Remember, homeopathy is a natural principle of action.  Whether the agent is Ambien or Arnica, like cures like.

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