Homeopathic Arnica montana

If I could put one homeopathic medicine into every medicine chest in the world, what would I choose? Without a doubt, I would choose Arnica montana. In any potency. For many reasons. For jet lag, shock, emotional shock, septic wounds with enlarged spleen, whiplash, bruises, contusions, sore muscles, acute adrenal fatigue, passive hemorrhage from the uterus following childbirth, concussion, and influenza. To be used IF, and only if, the symptom picture fit.

Remember, homeopathy is a lock and key technology: the whole symptom pattern must ‘fit’ inside the medicinal picture, the materia medica of Arnica montana. That medicinal picture includes:

• muscle soreness

• bruised weary sensation

• says he is well when he is not (a symptom of shock)

• lack of muscle tone due to overexertion

• the bed feels too hard (a symptom of both influenza and muscle strain

Arnica montana grows on the sides of mountains in Europe. It is an aide to mountain climbers who tumble and fall. But are we not – at times- mountain climbers as well, climbing through over scheduled days, not fully in the body. And then comes the misstep, the fall, the car accident, the jet lag. Arnica reminds us to ‘pause’ and take in the vista, feel our feet on this earth, breathe deeply. Be here. Enjoy.

To read more about Arnica montana and it’s homeopathic picture see http://abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Arn

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I love arnica! Especially since starting to go to the gym. only time I have sore muscles is whrn I forget to take my arnica!