What Homeopathic Medicine Cannot do…..

Homeopathic medicine cannot set your broken bone…. It can speed the healing of your bone, reduce the swelling of soft tissue around it and speed the healing of injured fascia and nerves.

Homeopathic medicine cannot take a picture of the inside of your body like an X-ray or CT scan or MRI can……. Homeopathic medicine can – by carefully exploring all of your symptoms, especially your sensations – put together a symptomatic picture of what is or is not working. Objective signs and symptoms coupled with your subjective description have great diagnostic power.

Homeopathic medicine cannot surgically remove your lump, bump, tumor, or cyst etc…… Homeopathic medicine can speed your healing after surgery. Or make surgery unnecessary by dissolving or reducing growths.

Homeopathic medicine cannot stitch your open wound… but it can promote healthy wound healing, prevent and reduce scarring, and definitely reduce your pain.

Homeopathic medicine cannot vaccinate your child like conventional medicine does… Homeopathic medicine can prevent vaccination side effects and sequelae. It can boost the general immunity of you and your children so that not all vaccinations are necessary.

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What can Homeopathy do with respect to cancer, especially ovarian, prostrate, pancreatic, and skin? How successful is it in fighting this formidible disease? Thank you!

The question is not what can homeopathy do for cancer, but what it is allowed to do in this country. In the US, cancer treatment is very politicized and regulated; homeopaths put themselves at risk for saying they can treat or cure cancer. We can say we can help your general state of health before, during or after conventional cancer treatment. Please read ‘A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer’ by Ramakrishnan for a better appreciation of this whole question.