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Why Ambien May Waken Some Minimally Conscious Patients…

This evening on 60 Minutes, there was a segment on Medical Awakenings. It seems that some minimally conscious patients – folks who have suffered a brain injury for whatever reason – and are not in a deep vegetative state, may wake up if given Ambien. Ambien of course is a sleep medication, part of a [...]

Homeopathic Arnica montana

If I could put one homeopathic medicine into every medicine chest in the world, what would I choose? Without a doubt, I would choose Arnica montana. In any potency. For many reasons. For jet lag, shock, emotional shock, septic wounds with enlarged spleen, whiplash, bruises, contusions, sore muscles, acute adrenal fatigue, passive hemorrhage from the [...]


So, toothpaste. This is a recurrent question when folks turn to homeopathy, because homeopathic medicines are interfered with by camphor, eucalyptus, tea tree oil (melaluca), Boswellia oil, strong mints and menthols. These strong smelling essential oils demand a reaction from your body, and in doing so, they de-rail the response to the homeopathic medicine. They [...]

What Homeopathic Medicine Cannot do…..

Homeopathic medicine cannot set your broken bone…. It can speed the healing of your bone, reduce the swelling of soft tissue around it and speed the healing of injured fascia and nerves. Homeopathic medicine cannot take a picture of the inside of your body like an X-ray or CT scan or MRI can……. Homeopathic medicine [...]