As the Smoke continues…

As the smoky skies continue for many folks in the area, I am prompted to recommend that everyone have an air purifier in their home and/or office. An air purifier can be a breath saver for those especially difficult days when children and adults and pets should really stay inside.

DO NOT buy the ionic air purifiers – they produce ozone as a byproduct of their electrically charged cylinder. Ozone is hazardous for folks with asthma and for other sensitive groups. The bad air days are partly a result of ground ozone, so do not contribute to it! Some people get headaches from the ozone that these machines create and do not know what is adversely affecting them.

So what to buy? A basic Hepa air filter machine is fine. They are available at most big box stores and are reasonably priced. I recommend brands that are well known so that you can always buy more replacement filters. Cause, yes, you will need to buy replacement filters. Unfortunately, these machines can be noisy as they force air out. Sometimes I recommend just running them during the day so it can be quiet at night. But then again you can get used to the whooshing sound. The low fan setting can act as a ‘white noise’ generator, lulling you to sleep and preventing every little noise from interrupting your sleep.

If you belong to a sensitive group – anyone with asthma, COPD, CF, serious allergies, MCS and environmental illness – you may need more than the Hepa filter. There are basically three levels of air filters:

1-the Hepa filter that removes pollens and particles and hair

2-the Hepa plus carbon filter that removes even more pollutants, and then

3-the Hepa plus carbon plus potassium iodide filter (called an air scrubber) that removes most everything including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – not good stuff – like paint offgassing, carpet and furniture offgassing, cleaning chemical gasses etc.). With some good research on the internet, you can find an excellent air scrubber for $500 to $1,000.  When they work well, you will notice a sweet, rain washed taste to the air you are breathing.

In homeopathy we consider this polluted air to be an ‘obstacle to cure’ for sensitive folks. Not necessarily an obstacle for everyone, but more so for those who are susceptible. For example, a client with asthma who is receiving a deep acting, curative, constitutional homeopathic remedy may have no problem at all. That is what happens with good homeopathic treatment. Other patients of mine may not be so far along in the healing process and may need acute homeopathic care if they develop symptoms from the smoke and smog. Others may just need an adjustment of their constitutional program. Let me know what I can do for you.

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