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As the Smoke continues…

As the smoky skies continue for many folks in the area, I am prompted to recommend that everyone have an air purifier in their home and/or office. An air purifier can be a breath saver for those especially difficult days when children and adults and pets should really stay inside. DO NOT buy the ionic [...]

What I like to say about Homeopathy…

Homeopathy is strange. It is not based on fighting disease. It is not based on opposing your symptoms. It is not allopathy. Homeopathy is based on your intrinsic ability to heal, given the right prompt. Homeopathy works by rebooting your hard drive, rather than over writing your operating system with patch programs. Homeopathy does not [...]

Homeopathy in the News…

Send a link of this OK magazine article to friends and family.  It’s informative and positive!

More about Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

More fire more smoke more smog. The air out there is a soup of particulate matter: pine trees, manzanita, oak, grasses releasing their silicates, cannabis farms going up in smoke, poison oak and ivy burning, plastics and other petroleum derivatives becoming airborne. Folks are coming in with a wide variety of symptom patterns based on [...]

Mercury Toxicity Update

Homeopaths have known for 200 years the damaging effects of mercury on the nervous system. When homeopaths tested mercury (conducted a ‘proving’) mercury strongly affected the mind and the general nervous system and the immune system. Why does it take the FDA so long to recognize the dangers of these environmental toxins? Now insurance companies [...]