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Thoughts about Recovering from Caffeine

Folks ask me, “Lynn, why do I have to stop drinking coffee? Why do you want me to stop caffeine? I love cola, I love coffee.” First and foremost, homeopathics do not work if you are downing coffee daily. It’s the bean. The bean has psychotropic effects. Yes, psychotropic, drug effects. Those drug effects interfere [...]

Recover from using Antidepressants

So many folks come to me who are using antidepressants and want to stop that I have developed a protocol to do just that. First, know that the drug might not even be helping you that much, but I can assure you that it is hurting your brain. SSRIs are Seratonin Selective Re-uptake Inhibitors. That [...]

Tell Your Friends & Family More About Homeopathy…

Here is a recent mainstream article about homeopathy you can share with family and friends: homeopathy

Wondering how to introduce homeopathy

Are you wondering how to introduce a skeptic to homeopathy, especially if they say it is just placebo. Read this elegant argument for moral support. (Quotation taken from the Foreword of Richard Moskowitz, MD’s book, Resonance) Remedies as Placebos: a Double-Edged Sword: “I do not believe and have never taught that homeopathy is the only [...]