Homeopathic Thoughts on MRSA

Patients have been asking me what I think about the MRSA outbreak and what to do about it.

First, let’s use some good thinking. As long as the population of the USA continues to use medications that suppress life force activity (and that includes antibiotics, anti-acids, anti-inflammatories, anti-virals, anti-histamines etc etc), we will have this problem of microbial resistance building up to outbreak levels.

Second, it seems the media has stirred this pot. Every autumn there is a ‘scare’ about a something: Noro virus or influenza…..

Third, let’s remember that we are NOT all equally susceptible to all infectious agents. There are many variables that influence susceptibility: age, level of exposure, use of immunosuppressive drugs (see the anti’s above), diet, exercise, sleep, exposure to toxins and hygiene – both physical, emotional and mental hygiene. What are you doing to enhance your general immunity? Homeopathy enhances general immunity, and so does a wholistic lifestyle.

Fourth, MRSA is a super sized staph infection gone postal. How can homeopathy help? Your general immunity can be enhanced by constitutional treatment for your overall health problems, and your specific immunity against a staph infection will then be enhanced as well. And if you are prone to staph infections, there are homeopathic remedies, based on symptom profiles, for those kinds of infections. Always will be. We never run out of possible homeopathic remedy choices even when the infectious agent mutates. Never. Because homeopathy enhances the ability of your immune system to fight the infection. Homeopathy does not even try to kill the infectious agent directly – and ecologically the scientists know this too- because that only makes any survivor microbes stronger. Abracadabra: MRSA. Conventional pharmaceutical medicine is soooo ecologically unsound that I can only hope that the ‘Green Revolution’ will sweep it into the proverbial dustbin of barbaric history, along with the pollution of the earth.

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