What to do for Jet Lag

So you are taking a long airplane flight. Across time zones no less. Ah, the fatigue and disorientation that awaits those who will suffer from jet lag. There are plenty of hypotheses about what causes jet lag; happily homeopathy can treat the syndrome based on symptoms alone. Most folks who suffer from it complain of fatigue, a sense of not being fully in their body, a disorientation and perhaps a spaciness. I think of this group of symptoms as a mild version of shock. So the protocol I have developed over the years is based on that symptom cluster. If you have a different symptom cluster – perhaps more about fear of flying or about motion sickness – you may need a different homeopathic protocol.

Jet Lag Protocol:

Homeopathic Arnica 30c, take 1 dose every 3 hours during the flight and for 36 hours post flight, both ways!

Do not wake yourself to take a dose.

Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid caffeine.
You may need Melatonin to sleep once you have arrived at your destination.

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We just returned from a trip to London and coastal France. My husband and I started with a dose the day before, then every 3 hrs as directed and post flight. We took Melatonin on the plane which allowed us to get some sleep. We arrived at our destination at the end of the 2nd day about 6 p.m. after being on planes and several trains, and then went to dinner. Yes, a very long haul. Our companions who did not take any remedy complained about nausea, disorientation and dizziness. They ate dinner and left immediately. We stayed a few hours more because we were tired, but not disoriented. After having experienced disorientation and fatigue before, we won’t travel without Arnica again. Thanks Lynn.