Help for Smoke Inhalation

Once again particulate matter from wildfires is blanketing our area. If you are in a forest fire zone or have been subjected to too much tobacco smoke while traveling, you may need to treat the symptoms of smoke inhalation.

Most folks complain of a dry mouth, a dry nose, a dry throat and dry bronchial passages. It is a sensation as if they had been smoking themselves. They may have a dry hacking cough and a sense of pressure in the chest. There may be a slight burning sensation.

Smoke Inhalation Protocol:

Homeopathic Spongia 30c, 1 dose 3 to 4 times per day for one to three days.

If discomfort persists or if smoke is aggravating your asthma or Reactive Airway Syndrome, constitutional homeopathic care can help with that. To find a homeopathic practitioner in your area, consult the National Center for Homeopathy’s web site directory.

The October 2007 issue of Homeopathy Today also ran an article on this subject by Miranda Castro, entitled ‘Wildfire: Uncontained and On the Loose’.

Keep well hydrated.

As in all emergencies, use good common sense. Seek emergency medical care for any serious complaint. Homeopathic medicine is safe to use on the way to emergency care and does not have any adverse interaction with conventional emergency medicine. Be safe.

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