Seeing the Dentist

You are going to the dentist. And you are going to have your teeth drilled for a cavity. This is probably going to hurt. Maybe you will have an injection of anaesthesia, just in case. So what can you do homeopathically to lessen the trauma to soft tissue and nerve tissue? What can you do to lessen the potential pain?

First, you can use homeopathic Arnica (the 30c or the 200c potency). Take one dose before you walk into the dentist’s office. Arnica helps to reduce any swelling, any bleeding, and any bruising.

Then, when you leave the dentist’s office, use homeopathic Hypericum (the 30c or the 200c potency). Take one dose as soon as possible and perhaps another dose later if necessary. This helps with nerve trauma and pain.

This protocol has helped many folks avoid using conventional pain medications.

If you have any further pain, either from the procedure or anaesthesia, consult your health practitioner.

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